Series Name
Season 1 (Fairy Odd Future Series), Episode 1
Air date January 1st, 2050
Written by User:PoofFan93

User:Glitter Glam

Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
A Fairly Odd Wedding Part 2


Pentrenellistheniso purposes to Angel, And Flowerbloom is determined to stop the Wedding after realizing her cousin is marrying and Anti-Fairy. Meanwhile, Poof tries prepare him and Goldie's Wedding Plans.


One Sunday Morning, Flowerbloom (As an adult) decides to make Pancakes for her and her sisters for breakfast when she get a letter in the mail. It was a Wedding Invitation. Flowerbloom was shocked. As soon as they came, Flowerbloom askes Angel why she is marrying an Anti-Fairy, She does not answer. Flyshy prepares birds for the bridal chorus, but Angel spoils it by telling Flyshy to do it more high pitched. Blonda askes Angel why is she doing this, she answers, I'm the bride mother, i should start demanding things just how i like them! Blonda also askes who Angel is marrying, Angel answers, it's a little surprise i'd like to call, Plan to take over this world, I mean, a wedding surprise. Blonda answers, Okay, go, make plans, (nervous laugh). They grow up so fast! While Sparkleworks makes the food, Angel comes in and looks at the food, she answers, Cupcakes, Pie, Magic Muffins, WHAT KIND OF BRIDAL FOOD IS THIS!? Sparkleworks answers, don't look at me, Derpy told me to make the cupcakes and muffins. Angel answers, I don't care about the wall eyed punk, i care about the food, make some salad, some wedding cake, and some more fudge! NOW! Sparkleworks whispers, I kinda like this new Angel. Flowerbloom looks at who Angel is marrying, and sees Pentrenellistheniso, Flowerbloom thinks because of him, that's how Angel became bossier than usually, on the practice wedding, once the fairy announces some words, Flowerbloom says STOP!, she says, my cousin is marrying an anti fairy, and you better believe it! Angel cries, everyone doesn't believe her, and everyone tries to comfort her, Flowerbloom askes her sisters, you believe me right, Sparkleworks and Flyshy run out of the room, Angel comes back in the room, Flowerbloom answers, I'm sorry! Angel answers, YOU WILL BE!, makes a firey circle around her, Flowerbloom answers, wait, what are you doing? STOP! STOP!, Angel leaves the room and laughs maniacally., she says, that takes care of Flowerbloom, now to make sure she never comes back! Then Fairy World is all mine! (cackles), Will Flowerbloom save Fairy World from Destruction?
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