FlowerBloom (grown up): *Sigh* Another Glorious Day,

Time to make pancakes!

Mailman: MAIL!

Flowerbloom: For me?


{*Reads letter*}

Dear Flowerbloom Callie,

You are invited to the wedding of

Pentrenellistheniso and Angel. Please send an R.S.V.P. Thank you!

Flowerbloom: GASP! MY COUSIN!

Flyshy: *Yawn* Can you please be a little quieter, Me and Sparkleworks are trying to sleep! *Reads letter* She's marring an Anti-Fairy?! That's I-Impossible!

Sparkleworks: I haven't seen her since we went to Oregon, When is the Wedding?

Flowerbloom: SPARKLEWORKS! Are you nutz? We can't let our cousin marry an Anti-Fairy! We are all DIFFERENT!

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