Crocker: (Knocks on Timmy's door)

(Timmy opens door)

Timmy: What do you want?

Crocker: Hand me over your fairies.

(Timmy slams door)

Crocker: (in Timmy's room) Come one fairies, where are you?

(Mr. Turner walks into Timmy's bedroom)

Mr. Turner: Ah! Intruder!

Crocker: No, no! It's just--

(Mr. Turner slams Mr. Crocker into the washroom)

Crocker: Oh, please make the door be open!

(Sees door)

Crocker: It is!

(Gets into washroom and falls)

Mr. Turner: And stay there!

(Slams washroom door)

Crocker: Oh, why can't I get fortunate like my sister Betty Crocker?

(Shows a Betty Crocker food products commercial)

(Crocker sighs)
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