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Police Officer: Authorities have stated that the travelers of the woods were in no harm, aside from the fact that they were all lost, cold and hungry while making a documentary. The travelers were believed to be seven local fifth grade girls. And if it wasn't for their (pulls up a DVD) video recorded documentary, they never would've been found.
(the officer puts the DVD inside an old DVD player showing what's been going on)

Charlotte: Hello, I'm Charlotte Johnson, and this is a recorded documentary for our project at school. Here alongside me are several friends. This is Timantha Turner.
Timantha: Hello.
Charlotte: Chloe Carmichael and Tootie Miller.
Chloe: Hello everyone!
Tootie: Hi.
Charlotte: Trixie Tang and Veronica Star.
Veronica: (shaking her palm-palms and chanting) Hi, hi, hey, hey, we will get a good A...+. (Trixie stares indiscriminately) I know, it needs more work.
Charlotte: And that's Melissa Kelley.
Missy: Please, it's just Missy. Melissa just sounds too far fetched, even for me.
Timantha: What's the matter, Melissa?
Missy: (to Charlotte) You're still not recording this, are you?
Trixie: Something wrong, Melissa?
Tootie: Melissa, Melissa, Melissa!
Missy: (deadpan) Very funny.
Charlotte: Sorry you have to put up with that... Melissa.
(everyone but Missy laughs)
Missy: Et tu, Charlotte?

Chloe: (to a man) Do you know anything strange going on at the Dimmsdale Woods?
Man: Strange is a common word to describe most mysterious situations. In fact, it's so strange it will never be unsolved. In fact, if it's strange, why has it become so un-figured out in the first place? In fact...

Timantha: What do you know about the strange goings in the Woods?
Old Woman: Legend says that there may be coins of cash lying deep inside the grounds. My grandfather once made his own metal detector to get the loot by himself. What a cheap old man he was.
Trixie: You lost me after the words "coins of cash lying deep inside the grounds".

(the girls riding their scooters with Chloe holding the camera)
Charlotte: It just doesn't add up. We've chat with almost everyone in town and their stories are basically the same.
Veronica: Well, I for one did not believe in a silly story such as Bigfoot.
Timantha: Would you believed it if I just wished for the real deal?
Veronica: Nah, it wouldn't feel the same.

Tootie: (to an old man) Do you know any rumors about the woods lately?
Old Man: (to the girls faces) You kids get lost! I'd be home right now if I were you. (bad breath appears out of his mouth) I've never gone near those woods. (walks out)
Trixie: And I'll bet he never goes near a dentist either.

(the Dimmsdale Woods)
Charlotte: Here we are, the Dimmsdale Woods.
Tootie: Quite a few changes since I last seen these woods.
Chloe: Maybe they must have cut a few trees off just to avoid any bear situations.
Veronica: Why couldn't we just move around the woods with our scooters?
Timantha: Because, the ground is too thick to ride around them.
Trixie: Don't need to hear more noticing. We have to continue on foot.
Missy: So, what now?
Chloe: We continue later at night.

(later at night;the girls were all cramped up inside a tent grunting)
Veronica: Get your foot out of my face!
Tootie: Get your face out of my foot!
Charlotte: Anybody else smell something raw?
Chloe: Oh, that's just my fonut.
(all groan in disgust)
Missy: Gross!
Timantha: Chloe! I thought we all agree to bring in something normal.
Chloe: Well, pardon me for being an individual.

(everyone sleeping until they heard a loud monstrous screech)
Trixie: What was that?
Timantha: I don't know, but I'm not going to ignore it and continue sleeping to find out.
Charlotte: Let's go.
(everybody except Tootie who was still sleeping went out of the tent)
Timantha: Tootie, wake up.
Tootie: (gasp; wakes up) Timmy! Huh? (looks around) Darn, it was just a dream.
Timantha: Come on, we need to figure out what that sound is.

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