"I'm not that kind of person anymore. I understand why you don't trust me, but you should trust yourself that you need some professional help. These past four months alone have givin' me time to think and my corruption has made me lose my friendship, my trust, and mostly A.J. "
— 2.D. Charlotte's redemption
Charlotte Johnson (2nd Dimension)
2.D. Charlotte Johnson Former Rebel Stock Image.png
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 10
Hair color: Tan 
Eye color: Dark green
Personal Information
  Rebel (re-joined)
Thunder Army (formerly)
  Charlotte's House (2nd Dimension), Dimmsdale (2nd Dimension)
  Earth (2nd Dimension)
  Black Lightning (formerly)
  2.D. A.J. (current boyfriend)
2.D. Timmy Turner
2.D. Chester McBadbat
2.D. Tootie
2.D. Trixie Tang
2.D. Veronica
2.D. Turbo Thunder
2.D. A.J.
2.D. Timmy Turner
2.D. Chester McBadbat
2.D. Tootie
2.D. Trixie Tang
2.D. Veronica
  Regaining her trust (succeed)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "The End of Dimmsdale"
Last Appearance:
  "Tales of the 2nd Dimension Dimmsdale"
Voiced by:
Carolyn Lawrence

Charlotte Johnson (2nd Dimension) is a minor character of The All New Fairly OddParents!.


2.D. Charlotte was the brains of 2nd Dimension Turbo Thunder's army and was a former member of the resistance. 2.D. Charlotte is just as smart as her counterpart, but was completely corrupted by 2.D. Turbo Thunder, leader and vial dictator of 2.D. Dimmsdale. One day, Charlotte went on a solo mission to get all the information from Turbo's plans, and wasn't seen or heard from for weeks. The day when the first dimensional counterparts arrived, A.J. and 2.D. A.J. was eavesdropping in Turbo Thunder's lairs, following his second hand commander robot, named Black Lightning. It came to a shock to 2.D. A.J., when he found out it was 2.D. Charlotte inside the robot when she jumped out of it. Over hearing 2.D. Charlotte talking to herself about taking down her former allies left 2.D. A.J. heartbroken. After her defeat, she was placed in Dimmsdale's highest security prison where she easily escaped.

It's been four months, and during a new threat, 2.D. Chester met up with her much to his dismay. He briefly fought her until he realized she was just holding back. She explained that she wants a shot of redemption after feeling guilty for her betrayal. 2.D. Timmy was left with no other choice but to recruit her. After the defeat of the new threat, Charlotte's been completely trusted again and she and 2.D. A.J. are once again a couple.


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