10 is known to be the most common number in the series of Fairly OddStarfish (TV Series).


  • There are ten main characters:
    • SpongeBob
    • Timmy
    • Cosmo
    • Wanda
    • Patrick
    • Squidward
    • Poof
    • Gary
    • Mr. Krabs
    • Sandy
  • In episode 10, Plankton was lucky by getting the formula, but Timmy and SpongeBob were lucky to get it back before Plankton saw it.
  • Also, Karen's lie detector password has ten letters.
  • In Out In The Cosmo's, it took 10 seconds to get the cookie out of Cosmo's throat, and Cosmo survived.
  • In Past the Second, Sandy says that ten is her lucky number.
  • Timmy Turner's current age is 10.
  • It is said in The Krusty Kook on the news that the Krusty Krab was a "ten-star restaurant" because of Timmy.
  • Also, Timmy made 50 Krabby Patties in ten seconds...
  • ...while it took SpongeBob ten years to learn it.
  • "Krusty Krab" has 10 letters, and it's a sucessful bussiness
  • "Food Master" as well has 10 letters, as it was a very lucky episode (for Mr. Krabs).
  • In "He Shoots, He Sponges", SpongeBob's team wins 10-9.
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